Cinco Christian School Parent Connections

Reading BuddiesReading Buddies share important time together exploring books. An adult is matched up with a student to help encourage a love for books, to develop positive attitudes about reading, and to promote reading as a fun activity. Skills for life as well as friendships are developed through this program.


Lunchroom MonitorsLunchroom Monitors supervise and help make the lunch time for students a relaxing and nutritious time by assisting students in the opening of there lunches, by encouraging good table manners, and by keeping order in the lunchroom. Monitors also help with wiping down of tables and chairs between the waves of lunch periods.

Classroom AssistantClassroom Assistants help the teacher in a non-instructional fashion. The assistant would pull worksheets, grade papers, assist students, and perform duties as needed to help the students receive a positive educational experience.


Computer AidesComputer Aides help assist the computer teacher during lab hours with a variety of duties including the monitoring of accelerated reader testing. Basic knowledge of computers is helpful but not necessary.

Guest Classroom SpeakerGuest Classroom Speakers share their craft, hobby, occupation, or areas of expertise with our students. This activity promotes community awareness.


Math BuddiesMath Buddies assists students in mastering mathematical concepts and skills to increase the students understanding and enjoyment of math through engaging activities involving problem solving and instructional games.


Classroom StorytellersClassroom Storytellers help make books come alive! The storyteller will share or read a pre-approved book to a class to help promote excitement for reading.


Art AssistantArt Assistants work closely with the art teacher in the preparation of materials for class, the execution, and the cleanup of the project. You need not be an artist to help in this area!


Library AidesLibrary Aides shelve books, label new books, read stories to students, review new books for content, and create displays.