2019 - 2020 Registration Forms and Online Payments

New Student Questionnaire
2/05/2019pdf299 KB2/05/2019
Kindergarten Questionnaire
2/05/2019pdf590 KB2/05/2019
3/07/2019pdf706 KB3/07/2019
4/03/2019pdf296 KB4/03/2019
1/22/2019pdf846 KB1/22/2019
2019-2020 Preschool Fees
4/03/2019pdf215 KB4/03/2019
2019-2020 parent calendar
4/17/2019pdf241 KB4/17/2019
1/22/2019pdf959 KB1/22/2019
2/12/2019pdf1 MB2/12/2019
2019-2020 Elementary Fees
5/07/2019pdf294 KB5/07/2019


Online Payments

You can pay for your application, registration and school fees online using PayPal or a Credit Card (with 2.2% + $ 0.30 PayPal fee) 

NEW Student Application Fee (Students NEW to Cinco ONLY)